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Tag Your Leads believes that lasting success in online advertising requires both experience and innovation. In guiding our partners, we have formed a unique network to share experience and provide meaningful guidance and assistance to our partners.

You asked, we answered.

Thanks to our constant optimization and our professional analysts, your conversion rate will be very high, leading to extremely high earnings. Your commission will vary based on the offer you choose to promote.

You will get prompt reports to analyze and optimize your leads. Our weekly reports are proven to increase conversions! 

You get a personal advertiser support manager per brand, to help you with individual tools and special bonuses.

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Our network provides top quality leads which get optimized and analyzed before they get to your door. 

Data shows an above-average conversion rate.

Fast integration and detailed daily reports. 

Our great reviews and long-term cooperations speak for themselves. 

We’re changing how affiliation works

We are extensively experienced in advertiser professional practices and are here to help our partners grow and successfully monetize their activities with us at their side. Our team of skilled developers and professional support managers are in a constant search to find new ways to grow our partners. We believe cooperation should be long and beneficial for all.

We have developed a specialized affiliate network for advertisers and publishers to form and expand partnerships. We are constantly developing and testing new digital marketing strategies to shape the industry of advertising.